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"Nothing is more practical that a good theory". Kurt Lewin's quote sums up this book and Bob's ability to address the realities of managing people in changing environments. In each chapter he demonstrates a rare gift of being able to translate conceptual frameworks into practical processes and actions which managers can build into their daily work routines. The rich array of case studies, many drawn from Bob's own experience as a line manager, add colour and weight to this comprehensive 'must read' user's guide for new and not so new managers.

Humphrey Armstrong, Organisational Psychologist Lifelong Learning Systems,Sydney, Australia

Intuitive, informative, and insightful discussions of what to do (and what not) when you become the boss. As I read, I was reminded of how important it is to understand the dynamics when managing your team, your boss, your peers and last but not least, yourself. This book is packed with excellent advice. It's an invaluable resource for those about to join the league of managers. Actually, it's an invaluable resource for everyone already in management.

Martin P. J. John, Pigments & Additives Division, Head of Marketing & Sales Support, Clariant International Ltd, Basel, Switzerland

A fabulous book! Whatever the industry or profession, this book is invaluable to the new manager. Working in a foreign country tasked with capacity building is challenging and it's not always easy to focus on the training and transfer of skills and knowledge. This book has made me realise the importance of empowering people and provided me with useful insights on motivating those I supervise and work with. Structured according to the reader's learning style, this book engages the reader and covers relevant topics in an easy to read format.

Maria José Campos, Senior Legal Officer, Timor Sea Designated Authority, Dili, Timor

I have been working with Bob for some time now and his advice has always been insightful, practical and effective. His book is just as good! I wish I had a copy of it when I first became a manager 10 years ago. I would have done much better in many areas. Get a copy and keep it close to you in the office. It will be one of your best investments, ever.

Luciano Almeida de Jesus, Head of Risk Management & Performance Measurement, ING Investment Management Europe, The Hague, The Netherlands
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