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For Trainers – How the Book Can Be Used as a Learning Tool

How to get best use out of “What To Do When You Become The Boss”

Although the book has been primarily designed for individual use by managers, it can easily be adapted as a training tool for managers of managers, professional trainers and OD or HRD consultants.

Examples of how to use as a learning tool . . .

For Trainers:

  • If you are running a formal management or leadership program, then chapters 1 and 2 make excellent pre-reading. Ask the participants to also complete the Leading, Managing and Operating one-week time log as part of their pre-work (detailed at the end of chapter 2). This will provide them with a benchmark of where they currently spend their time in each of the three managerial elements of leading, managing and operating. Use the “Tim Case Study” as part of your introductory discussion on the topic.
  • If you are running separate workshops on topics such as Delegation, Time Management, Motivation etc, then the chapters on these topics may also be used as pre-reading. The “How to implement the ideas in this chapter” guides and action plans can be quickly and easily adapted for use either as pre-work or activities for use during the training.
  • Need help? Simply email Bob Selden and he will offer advice free of charge.

For Managers of Managers:

  • Best used when you have a new manager starting within your team. You can direct him or her to chapters such as “How to set performance standards for your people” and then have a discussion on how the performance standards are set, monitored, maintained and assessed within your team. You could also have them read the chapter on “How to manage your boss” and follow that with a discussion on your own preferences and how your new employee can best manage you.
  • Another use could be for the entire team. Chapters such as “How to delegate” and “Group and team decision making” are excellent vehicles for having the entire team working from the same principles and for building team harmony.
  • Need help? Simply email Bob Selden and he will offer advice free of charge.

Consultants – Terms of Reference for Use

  • The book can be used in the above manner or in a number of variations. Please contact the author for advice on how to get best use out of “What To Do When You Become The Boss”.
  • Pricing for work sheets, activities etc., specifically designed for commercial use are minimal. The author’s main aim is to encourage managers from all around the worl to apply the best management principles. Please email for details.

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