How new managers become successful managers

“What To Do When You Become The Boss”

Having once been a new manager myself, I know how challenging it can be. By now, you have probably built up a very good reputation in your technical or professional area of expertise. As you take up your new role, others will be looking to you to be just as good a manager as you are a professional.

With this challenge in mind, I have written What To Do When You Become The Boss. It’s my aim to provide you with many of the tools, techniques and tips that I have picked up over many years as a manager, trainer and organisational consultant.

I have personally applied each and every one of the ideas I put forward in What To Do When You Become The Boss. They are not just theoretical ideas about how one should manager. Rather, they are practical suggestions for making your life as a new manager easier. Many will also help you transition into further management roles and there are some that you may use throughout your career as a manager.

Should you have any questions regarding any item in What To Do When You Become The Boss, I’d be very happy to offer advice. I’d also appreciate yourfeedback on the things that have worked for you (even those that may not be in the book!).

Please feel free to email and I will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may care to look at some of the issues already listed on theQ&A page.

My best wishes for your new career in management.

Bob Selden


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