How new managers become successful managers

  • The Difficulty with Learning how to be a Manager is Probably Not to do with 'Management' itself.Rather, it's usually the way learning is presented to us and the different ways in which we prefer to learn - BOB SELDEN

  • One day you're a Technical or Professional Expert where you know most of the answers and how to really problem-solve. Next day you move to being an Expert people manager. Well, that's what most of the people around you expert you to be - and genetally straight away!- BOB SELDEN

  • Praise, the thing that motivates us the most, takes so little time and costs nothing! have you appreciated the work of others lately? - BOB SELDEN

  • We all want to be associated with a winner, be it a winning person, a winning team, a worthwhile cause or a successful organisation. More than anything else, people want to be valued for a job well done by those they hold in high regard.- BOB SELDEN

  • We all have a story to tell from which others can learn. what's yours? - BOB SELDEN

  • The book you are about to read fills the role of the helpful boss... because it is the accumulated wisdom of the many years bob has spent managing and observing other managers, it provides the new manager with advice and guidance in a lot more areas than could be done by one helpful boss.- DENNIS PRATT

  • Does management training have to be painful? the old saying of 'no pain, no gain' should not apply to learning about how to be a better manager! management training should be interesting, fun - even exciting - and it can be that way for you when it is designed to suit your particular learning style. - BOB SELDEN

How new managers become successful managers!

Most new managers get very little initial training about how to manage. Generally new managers are promoted or selected for the role because of their excellent technical or professional expertise. It is assumed therefore that they will also be expert at people management.

This book fills the "people management" learning gap for new managers. Here is your complete "How to" for both managing and leading. Learn how to best manage your boss, your people and yourself in the all important first management role. The book covers hiring, motivating, delegating, influencing, managing time, firing – in fact everything you will need to know and learn about leading and managing.

Although written for the new manager, this book has so many tips, tools and techniques that it has become an invaluable resource for managers at all levels.

Now in its second edition (with new chapters on Change, Virtual Teams and Social Media) the book continues to reach an extended audience with now over 50,000 copies sold in four languages - English, Chinese (simplified), Polish and Portuguese.

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